The church was originally organized in 1929 under the leadership of Elder H. C. Samuels and members of Miami, FL. A storm came and destroyed the structure and all records. With dismay and disappointment, Elder Samuels returned to Miami.

In 1936, a few years later, after the first attempt to organize the church, a small group of members met to organize the church. The meeting was a success and the church was reorganized. The officers at the time of the reorganization were Deacon H. Upshaw, Deacon W. McNair, trustees, Mother Bryant, and Mother Queen Upshaw. Services were held in the home of Deacon and Mother Upshaw until the church was built at 1000 N. W. 10th Avenue and 6th Street (Sistrunk Blvd.)

Elder M. L. Vaughn was the first pastor after the reorganization of the church. Other devout christian preachers that this church has had as pastors were Elders Gallon, Martin, M. G. Hall, William Payne, J. S. Snelling, and H. K. Kinsey. After Elder J. S. Snelling was elected pastor in 1957, the membership increased and he saw the need for a larger building. In 1958 land was purchased at 1100 N. W. 29th Terr. in Fort Lauderdale, FL and the church was built.

Elder H. K. Kinsey was elected pastor in September 1960. Under Elder Kinsey’s leadership, the fellowship hall and baptismal pool was built.

Elder L. V. Hobbs was elected pastor in 1972. He served New Bethel faithfully as pastor for 38 years until he was called home to be with his Lord on May 28, 2011. Under his leadership the church experienced spiritual and numerical growth, capital improvements were made to the building, and four lots were purchased for parking.

After the loss of our beloved Elder Hobbs, New Bethel went through a transitional phase and Elder John Henry Everett assumed the role of interim pastor from May 2011-December 2013.

In September of 2013 the church elected Elder Jaymes Mooney of Nashville, TN as their next pastor, and he graciously accepted. We achieved great things under his leadership. The church witnessed God use him in a powerful way. New Bethel’s new mission is to “ Change Lives in a R.E.A.L. Way.” The vision of New Bethel is to provide ministry that is Relevant, Evangelistic, Authentic, and Loving. In three years of leadership, the congregation has experienced significant growth both spiritually and numerically. He has also led the congregation to capital improvements to the church sanctuary and community centered projects. Elder Mooney remained at New Bethel until March 2017. He was blessed with an opportunity to move closer to home. With prayer, he accepted the assignment as Senior Pastor at Saint Bartley Primitive Baptist Church in Huntsville, Alabama with God’s blessings.

In March 2017, New Bethel elected Elder John Henry Everett as interim pastor and he amicably accepted. Elder Everett is continuing God’s will by teaching the Word, visiting and communing the sick and shut-ins.

There was once a strong storm that destroyed our building, but that did not break us. We have experienced tragedies and trials, but that did not shake us. There even were times Satan threw his fiery darts, but even that did not overtake us. To God be the glory for the great things He has done, He has done marvelous things, Praise the Lord!