Youth Ministry - This ministry is developed to minister to youth and children at their level. It encompasses a few different areas:

  • Youth Sunday School - This is a time for training in biblical principles, public speaking, and memorization that takes place every Sunday. Classes are available for ages 5-17.
  • No Flex Zone - This is a time of fun, faith building and fellowship for students ranging from ages 5-17.
  • Christian Education Ministry - This ministry's primary responsibility is to plan and execute our weekly Church school. Their other responsibilities include planning Vacation Bible School, other special classes and conferences.

Community Matters Ministry - This ministry functions to ensure that we are connected to the community and have partners in the community. This ministry helps plan community events and outreach programs.

Deacons' Ministry - The deacons of New Bethel are primarily servant leaders, and follow the biblical model of deaconship which is to meet the physical needs of the congregation under the leadership of the Pastor.

Deaconess' Ministry - The Deaconess Ministry of New Bethel Church functions to visit the sick and help prepare the church to carry out the ordinances of the Church.

Fine Arts Ministry - This ministry is centered around creativity and talent. It is composed of our praise dancers, special events, and plays/productions.

First Impressions Ministry - This ministry is responsible for ensuring that new members have a smooth transition from visitor to active member.

Greeters' Ministry - The purpose of the greeters ministry is to welcome visitors, regular attendees, and to provide information during worship services and special events.

Media Ministry - This ministry is in place to make the most of each worship experience, from maintaining the sound system, publicizing special activities and recording our worship services to make CD’s and DVD’s available to our congregation, guests, and sick and shut-in members. This ministry also is responsible for maintaining New Bethel's social media pages. This ministry is presently under construction.

Mens' Ministry - This ministry is developed to grow men in discipleship, and equip them to lead in their families, church and community.

The Ministry of Music - The purpose of the music ministry is to lead the congregation in singing and praise, uplift broken spirits and prepare hearts and minds to encounter and hear the Word of God. The music ministry is comprised of an adult choir and a male chorus.

Parking Lot Ministry - This ministry is responsible for managing the flow of traffic by ushering cars into spaces in a safe and feasible manner. It is also charged to protect pedestrians, and assist the handicapped.

Pastor's Aid Ministry - Pastor’s Aides function as an advocate for the needs of our Pastor and his family. In doing so, they help the Pastor in areas that he needs assistance.

Prayer Ministry - This ministry meets weekly on Wednesdays at noon to pray corporately for our congregation and the entire world.

Ushers' Ministry - New Bethel Church is blessed with an awesome ushers ministry that is responsible for greeting, meeting, seating members and visitors that attend our worship services.

Women's Caterpillar Ministry - The goal of this ministry is to unite and empower women to advance the cause of women’s wholeness in Christ and encourage missionary work.